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Our Live show schedule

Monday & Thursday

 6-10pm EST

 (with show repeating 10pm-10am EST Both nights).

Monday : Scott Wikle hosts the original "My Kind Of Country" show. All your favorite Legends of Country plus exclusive interviews. 

Our Monday night show also features a full vintage Grand Ole Opry show from the 1950's, presented just as it originally aired ! That's during the last half hour every Monday.

Thursday: "My Kind Of Country Legends & Indie Artists". Scott plays a mixture of the classics plus today's artists carrying on REAL Country.

Also on the live Thursday show, CDX Country News, a quick music news update with Nashville's Shannon McCombs.


4-9pm EST 

(with show repeating 9pm-2am EST).

"Canadian Country Gold" (on hiatus) with Jeff Funk featuring Country artists from Canada. Jeff comes to you live from Edmonton Alberta Canada.


4pm EST "Neon Music Country Legacy" hosted by Randy Moore.

5pm EST "Beth Williams Songwriter's Show".

6-9pm EST "My Kind Of Indie Country"

Scott Wikle hosts a program featuring Traditional Country Indie Artists.


5-8pm EST "If That Ain't Country" with Western Red.

8-9pm EST "Beth Williams Indie Americana Songwriter Show".


4-5pm EST "Acuff's Country Legends" hosted by Carl Acuff Jr.

5-8pm EST "If That Ain't Country" with Western Red.

8-9pm EST "Neon Music Country Legacy" hosted by Randy Moore.


1pm-3pm EST "Sunday Country Gospel" hosted by Scott Wikle.

3pm-4pm "Rogue Valley Bound" with Skip & Lucky

8pm-11pm EST 

(with show repeating 11pm-8am EST Monday morning).

"Sunday Country Classics" with Brad Petersen broadcasting from Chico Ca.

Continuous 24/7 Country Music


Playing all the Legends and new artists too

During times when "live" shows are not on the air, we play a huge selection of the very best in Real Country Music with all your favorites, rare tracks plus new independent artists that play Traditional Country & Western, Bluegrass and Western Swing music.