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Message from David

The greatest story ever told…the birth of Christ as told by the animals that were there. What a blessing for me to create these amazing animated characters as they tell of their participation in the birth of Christ and the wonderfully talented artist, graphic designers, musicians, singers, studio engineers and co-producer who help bring the whole project to life. From my heart to yours!!! ”….   David Frizzell

Album details

Producers: Harrison Tyner & David Frizzell Engineers: Tom Pick & Steve Chandler Arranger: Harold Bradley Recorded at Hilltop Recording Studios in Madison, TN and vocals, mixing and mastering at Frizzell Studio Musicians: Eric DiNenna (drums), Darran Smith (guitar), John Marcus (bass) Perley Curtis (steel/dobro), Hargus "Pig" Robbins (piano), David Hoffner-(electric piano), Jimmy Capps (guitar),  Harold Bradley (guitar) All 10 songs written and recorded by David Frizzell
With Special guest’s Allen Frizzell (Pete & Repete) and The Martin Family Circus (Bethlehem & We Were There) © Adonda Records of Nashville & Nashville America Records

Album Review

Each year as the Holiday season approaches, we start hearing all our favorite Christmas songs coming over the radio and through the speakers in the local supermarket. We sing along to these standards, perhaps in spite of ourselves. "Jingle Bells", "White Christmas" and "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" are all familiar and even though they only come around once a year, we never forget the words.  

Of course many of these songs are not necessarily about the true meaning of Christmas, but rather the commercial aspect that can easily overtake this time of year as we get caught up in all the hustle and bustle. That's not such a bad thing when we think of all the great times we had as children waiting for Santa to come with all the great presents, or watching our favorite specials on tv. Even as we grow up and have kids of our own, we pass along those family traditions. But, we all must remember none of these things would be possible had it not been for the real reason we celebrate Christmas and what happened that day. 

Which brings me to this review of a brand new Christmas album from the great David Frizzell.  

David has given us another perspective on the true meaning of Christmas, through the eyes of those who were present at the birth of Jesus. I'm not speaking of the three wise men, but of a camel named Ali Baba one of them rode to reach Bethlehem to see the newborn King. Next, there's Troy, a "mule headed mule" who is quite lazy, but even joins in to help prepare the stable for the birth of Jesus. There's Ol' Stray, a horse and the first of his kind to see the miracle child. A pair of identical sheep named Pete and Repete, voiced by David and his brother Allen, playfully argue over who was first to see the baby Jesus. Then we hear from Justine, a rather shy cow who considers herself "Just Justine" and strives to stay out of the way, but offers milk for the baby to Joseph and Mary. Peg Leg Jake, a rooster, crows in about the miracle he has witnessed, and feels it his duty, as the head of the barnyard to "cock-a-doodle-doo" a joyful announcement for all to hear. Finally, there is the Lil' Burro who has perhaps the most important job of all and that is to make sure that Joseph and Mary reach Bethlehem so Jesus will be born there. He describes in great detail the journey to get there, and finding shelter for his precious cargo. There are also a few other animals that you will meet along the journey. 

Now, the animal perspective on this fateful day is not a new concept. There was a song about Nestor the Christmas Donkey, originally written and sung by Gene Autry and later made into one of the afore mentioned Christmas tv specials. However what David has done with this album, is to give the animals their own voices and we see through these songs that they too understand the importance of the baby Jesus. 

I would like to bring special attention to a track on this project that I feel is the centerpiece of the album. "Bethlehem" is an absolutely gorgeous song in lyric, voice and instrumentation. It truly gives a spiritual life to the stories the barnyard animals have told and should be listened to very carefully. 

 As a companion to the cd, David has included a wonderful storybook with drawings of the animals that kids and adults alike will enjoy as they listen to the songs on the cd. 

As with any project from David Frizzell, the production is top notch, and he has enlisted some of the very best musicians Nashville has to offer including the great Harold Bradley, who handles the arrangements and plays guitar, Jimmy Capps playing lead guitar and Country Music Hall Of Fame member Hargus PIG Robbins providing his signature piano licks. 

As a singer myself, I pay very close attention to vocals and I am here to tell you David sounds fantastic as he curls those notes and bends phrases in that genetically genuine Frizzell style. In the song “Lil’ Burro”, listen to the line “an innkeeper opened his door a crack…” where his voice breaks at just the right time and absolutely knocks me out ! 

In summary, this is a fun album with a positive message which I strongly feel this world needs now more than ever. This is a treasure that you and your family will truly enjoy, and I know listening to it each year will be a rewarding tradition and perhaps I will listen to it throughout the year just to hear the message again.  

Merry Christmas ! 

Scott Wikle
Host & Program Director
My Kind Of Country

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