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David Frizzell

My Kind Of Country is proud to be the official radio sponsor for David Frizzell and Frizzell family music. David has been a guest on our show multiple times and we proudly support David along with the Frizzell legacy of Lefty Frizzell,  Allen Frizzell, and Jimmy Clay Frizzell. You will always hear plenty of Frizzell music on our station !

 Please visit www.davidfrizzell.com 

 His life and his career are tightly woven into the fabric of country music history and lore. He is both legacy and legend with an unmistakable voice and a captivating style.

         David Frizzell is one of the greatest voices in country music with a haunting resemblance to his older brother, the ultimate stylist, Lefty Frizzell. Both share that raw, forlorn quality that is essential to the interpretation of traditional country themes, but David’s voice is even more resonant and nuanced; a perfect instrument for conveying the deepest emotion of every lyric.

         While still just a teenager, David Frizzell left home to perform and tour with his legendary brother, working the concert circuit with many of the mightiest names in country music. By his 18th birthday, Frizzell was recording country and rockabilly albums for Columbia Records

         A four-year hitch in the military slowed his burgeoning musical career, but upon his discharge, Frizzell was immediately re-signed to Columbia.

         David emerged from the significant shadow of his brother to create his own artistic identity. He recorded and charted the first country version of “L.A. International Airport” (months before it became a hit by Susan Raye) and followed that song with a Top 40 rendition of “I Just Can’t Help Believing.” Frizzell parlayed his recording success into headlining country shows in Las Vegas, a bold move that paved the way for other country acts in Las Vegas.

         In the early 1980s, Frizzell founded the musical duo of Frizzell & West with the gorgeous and gifted Shelly West, daughter of country superstar Dottie West. Their recording of “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma” made its way to Clint Eastwood, who insisted on adding the tune to the soundtrack of his forthcoming film, Any Which Way You Can... Despite the fact that every major label had previously passed on the song and the duo. This vote of confidence earned Frizzell & West a contract with Warner Bros. and the wheels began to turn quickly. A small radio station in Tulare, California began to play the album track. Other stations followed, prompting Warner Bros. to release the song as a single. Soon, the song that nobody wanted became a smash hit.

         Frizzell & West remains one of the most-awarded acts in entertainment; one that sold out arenas worldwide and produced five albums. The duo twice won the Country Music Association’s Vocal Duo of the Year award, twice won the Academy of Country Music award for Vocal Duet of the Year and were awarded the ACM Song of the Year award. They also received the Music City News Award for Duet of the Year twice and Song of the Year as well.

         During his duet years with West, Frizzell continued a vibrant solo career. He scored a huge chart-topping hit with “I’m Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home.” The record is a country music standard, and has been featured on CMT’s 40 Greatest Drinking Songs in Country Music, making #17 in the countdown. Also, making #6 in CMT’s countdown of the 100 Greatest Duets is “You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma.”

         Along with his CMA awards, Frizzell has won numerous performing and recording trophies from the Academy of Country Music, Billboard and Music City News. He has been nominated for three Grammys, both as part of Frizzell & West and as a solo artist.

         As producer of the popular Frizzell & Friends series of projects, David brings together some of the top performers in the business for both live and recorded projects. On his own Nashville America Records label, Frizzell & Friends guest performances have included Merle Haggard, Crystal Gayle, Johnny Lee, Gene Watson, Joe Stampley, Jeannie Seely, T. Graham Brown, Lacy J. Dalton, Bobby Bare, Helen Cornelius, Jimmy Fortune (Statler Brothers), John Cowan (New Grass Revival), Johnny Rodriguez, Amy Clawson, brother Allen Frizzell and niece Tess Frizzell. (click for video)

         Armed with his vocal gift, his production acumen and his wealth of experience with the many Frizzell & Friends collaborations, David spearheaded a very special project on behalf of the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation, a charitable organization focused on musical education, and co-founded by Buddy’s widow, Maria Elena Holly. David gathered a cadre of music’s elite for a very special homage to Buddy Holly with The Buddy Holly Country Tribute album, (released Sept. 7, 2014 on what would have been Holly’s 78th birthday). The musical collection includes a DVD on the making of the project. The impressive 21-track collection features Frizzell with Helen Cornelius, Jimmy Fortune, T. Graham Brown, Sonny Curtis and Merle Haggard. The album is, in part, a benefit for the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation.

         In 2011, David released his long-awaited book, a tribute to the life and career of Lefty Frizzell. “I Love You A Thousand Ways: The Lefty Frizzell Story” features a forward by Merle Haggard and chronicles the turbulent life and career of one of America’s most influential voices. The book was named by CMT as one of the Best Music Books of the year. An audio book features David’s own emotion-filled narration, along with some of Lefty’s music. David continues working on a screenplay of the story and has received interest from potential partners for the making of a movie version.

         A star-studded 70th birthday celebration at Nashville’s Hard Rock Café in 2011 was no mere milestone for Frizzell. More of a stepping stone, the event marked the entry to a “year of giving back” during which Frizzell teamed up with M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) to raise awareness of the dangers of driving impaired, and of the tremendous service provided by the organization. The Frizzell family itself was touched by loss in the wake of an accident with a drunk driver and this project is one way for David to both thank MADD, and strive to help and inspire others. With the moving song, “Say Hello To Heaven,” David touched hearts with a poignant story of loss with the palpable emotion that only his inimitable voice could deliver. The song and a segment focused on MADD was featured in a Frizzell & Friends television special on the RFD network.

           David recently expanded his Nashville America Records label by signing Kentucky singer/songwriter, Sarah Patrick, and subsequently producing Sarah’s debut CD, The Woman I Am.  

       Writing, producing, touring and performing... David Frizzell is a timeless and tireless entertainer who continues to share his many gifts to the delight of fans old and new across the US and throughout the world. 

Frizzell & Friends Lefty Fest Live


Live CD/DVD From Corsicana Texas

New 22 song CD with 24 song DVD (filmed live in Corsicana Texas) with guests Allen Frizzell, Paulette Carlson, Marty Haggard, Lacy J Dalton, Sarah Patrick

22 song CD David Frizzell 1. Always Late (3:32) 2. I’m Gonna Hire A Wino (4:14) Allen Frizzell 3. I Never Go Around Mirrors (3:50) 4. I Want To Be With You Always (3:05) 5. Women Make A Fool Out Of Me (3:35) (with guest Cagney Frizzell) 6. An Uncloudy Day (2:12) Paulette Carlson 7. Somewhere Tonight (3:22) 8. The Bed You Made For Me (3:46) 9. Barely Beaten Broken Heart (2:37) 10. Whiskey If You Were A Woman (2:58) Marty Haggard 11. Last Thing On My Mind (4:53) 12. That’s The Way Love Goes (3:18) 13. Momma Tried (2:21) (Merle Haggard) Lacy J Dalton 14. Wide Eyed And Willing (2:45) 15. 16th Avenue (2:45) 16. Crazy Blue Eyes (1:51) 17. I Wish We Had Heroes Like John Wayne Again (3:18) 18. Black coffee (3:04) Sarah Patrick 19. I Ain't No Angel (2:55) David Frizzell and Sarah Patrick 20. “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma” (3:21) David Frizzell & Marty Haggard 21.“Lefty Merle & Me” (2:41) (David Frizzell, Marty Haggard) David, Allen, Paulette, Marty, Lacy J. & Sarah 22. “If You Got The Money” (4:43)                                                                                                                      

24 song DVD (Live in Corsicana) David Frizzell 1. Always Late 2. I’m Gonna Hire A Wino Allen Frizzel l 3. I Never Go Around Mirrors 4. I Wanna Be With You Always 5. Women Make A Fool Out Of Me (with special guest Cagney Frizzell) 6. An Uncloudy Day Paulette Carlson 7. The Bed You Made For Me 8. Barely Beaten Broken Heart 9. Whiskey If You Were A Woman Marty Haggard 10. Today I Started Loving You Again 11. That’s The Way Love Goes 12. Working Man Blues/Always Late 13. Momma Tried Lacy J. Dalton 14. Wide Eyed And Willing 15. 16th Avenue 16. Crazy Blue Eyes 17. I Wish We Had Heroes Like John Wayne Again 18. Black Coffee Sarah Patrick 19. You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man) 20. I Ain't No Angel 21. The Woman I Am David Frizzell and Sarah Patrick 22. “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma” David Frizzell & Marty Haggard 23. “Lefty Merle & Me” David, Allen, Paulette, Marty, Lacy J. & Sarah 24. “If You Got The Money”

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2019 LeftyFest


Saturday November 2nd

The second annual LeftyFest will be held Saturday November 2nd at 7:30pm at the Palace Theatre in Corsicana Texas. Click the photo to order tickets.

Frizzell & Friends


This Is Our Time

Lefty, Merle & Me

Be still, my honky-tonk heart! Two legendary names hit the airwaves this month with a new, original song that honors the iconic Lefty Frizzell, the larger-than-life Merle Haggard, and that classic era of great American roots music. Award winning Country music star, David Frizzell (Lefty’s brother) is joined by Marty Haggard (Merle’s son) on with “Lefty, Merle & Me,” a tune that harkens back to a time marked by true and traditional Country sounds. David was inspired to write the song while planning for the inaugural LeftyFest Music Festival, held June 16, 2018 in Corsicana, Texas. As David and Marty, bred of royal Country lineage, swapped stories and memories of their legendary relatives, the song flowed effortlessly from David’s heart and through his pen! Order your copy today by clicking the photo on the left.